Why Strategy is the First Step in Fundraising

These days, most nonprofits worry about fundraising because the economy is in a slump. Donors want to know how their contributions matter within an organization. Grants, particularly for smaller nonprofits, are difficult to come by.

Building a strategic path is integral to fundraising. It’s the first step a board takes in defining or course correcting the mission statement. Strategy articulates the mission by setting goals and determining the resources needed to reach those goals in the most efficient way possible. Donations are one of those resources.

Strategy is reflected in all communications.  It is the defining core that helps a nonprofit explain its value in the community and write a compelling call to action for donors. A strategic path can be a blueprint for survival in tough times.

A good strategic plan reflects the passion of the board, staff and volunteers. It incorporates the needs of the community.

Nell Edgington has written some excellent posts on how nonprofits use community resources to create change and how to build a good strategic plan. It is definitely worth a read.