Where’s the Info to Compare? Regional Studies


Where do you find the information to build benchmarks?  Often it is hard for smaller nonprofits to find regional surveys. It may be even harder to find data on your particular type of mission (food pantry, homeless shelter, etc.)

Many studies are out there for social media or large organizations.

Working primarily in the Southeast, I was very excited to find an excellent regional study by the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence. The Alliance published an in-depth study of how nonprofits in the Mid-South are dealing with the recession.

It covers service demands, financial impact, funding trends and protecting the mission. The study has data for small nonprofits.  Comparing your organization to regional peers is a more focused way to find good data.

Look for associations or community foundations near you. They often have regional research.

Have you found good data on organizations of your size?

Image by TheBusyBrain