No magic needed. Vision can be bold.

Strategy is creative. Yes, it has to do with getting from Point A to Point B. How about if your Point B was about a big vision? Instead of getting lost in current problems, think instead about what could be. Think positively. Dream expansively. Why can't best practices be about your organization? Instead of following, take the lead. John Haydon tweeted about this great video from Hildy Gottlieb. She asks the question: What does it take to create a healthy, vibrant world? Gottlieb … [Read more...]

Good Plans Don’t Gather Dust

Having worked with a number of startup businesses over the years, I know creating a thoughtful strategic plan isn’t worth much unless you use it throughout the year to measure success. Used well, a strategic plan is an accountability document. As Betsy Haley and Kelly Campbell suggest, it’s a way to connect the dots from your mission to your programs. Connecting the dots starts with a mission statement. Here's a simple example. If our mission is to aid the homeless in creating better … [Read more...]